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Summer Drought


As we roll into the summer doldrums, we decided to brew up a simple yet refreshing beer to quench our thirst on the hottest of summer days. We fermented our house lager yeast strain at a slightly higher than normal temperature for a some subtle yeast character and then left this beer to lager for an ample amount of time. We used a simple grist with an addition of flaked maize to give this beer a light body while remaining dry and drinkable.

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Eye of the Storm (w/ Citra)


When you enter the eye of a storm, you enter a calm and balanced place amidst a circle of darkness and destruction. Keeping with the name we wanted to craft an IPA which would bring balance to all beer lovers alike. Just enough malt to round out the bitterness and a perfect platform to showcase subtle nuances of hops pairings, with Ekuanot hops used throughout the brewing process and a 100% Citra dry hop.

Storm Damage


With notes of pine, grapefruit, mango and hint of white peppercorn, this Double India Pale Ale is dripping with hop goodness. We used one of our favorite hop blends, Simcoe & Amarillo, on top of a base of Pale and Crystal malts. This beer is everything you can ask for…Bright hop aromas, big hop flavors and a hoppy bitterness which gives you a perfectly clean finish and keeps you coming back for more!

Aroma/Taste – Pine, Dank, Grapefruit, Bright Hoppiness

All Together


This recipe which consisted of a slight bittering hop charge followed by a big whirlpool addition of cascade and mosaic. We decided to push the limit and increased the already massive dry hop of Simcoe, Citra, Casacade and Mosaic by almost 1.5 times to 7lbs/bbl!

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Imperial Storm Cloud


Hot and hazy summer days bring dark clouds and strong storms just like our Imperial Storm Cloud. Once again, we used a large portion of flaked oats and wheat in the mash to provide a rich mouth feel. Subtle caramel malts were added to provide balance and sweetness to the massive dry hop additions. We selected a delicious blend of Idaho 7, Amarillo and Australian Ella hop to provide bold tropical and citrus forward flavors of Mango, Tangerine and Passion Fruit.

Long Days And Summer Waves


True to its name, this beer was brewed to embody the refreshing feeling of a crisp and clean beer after a long day of summer waves down the shore. This beer uses a classic pilsner recipe brewed with Czech Saaz, German Tetnanger hops and a small addition of rice in the mash. The rice lends to a slight nutty note while keeping the dry dry and crisp.
Aroma/Taste – Crisp, Dry, Refreshing

New World Pilsner


We brewed New World Pilsner to be a perfect balance of light malt and grapefruit flavors with a refreshing citrus peel finish that can be enjoyed on any occasion. We kept the grain bill very simple but broke from traditional recipes by adding a small amount of malted wheat to aid with body and mouthfeel. We sourced Australian Ella hops for their unique citrus and floral characteristics to compliment the flavors and aromas of this beer. New World Pilsner finishes slightly more bitter than traditional pilsners, giving your palette a refreshing and delicious experience to remember.