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Eye of the Storm Citra

IPA Dry Hopped with Citra Hops – 6.5% ABV
When you enter the eye of a storm, you enter a calm and balanced place amidst a circle of darkness and destruction. We crafted an IPA to do just that… bring balance to chaos. With just enough malt to round out the bitterness and create a perfect platform to showcase the subtle nuances of the dry hops.
Aroma/Taste: Tropical, Tangerine, Citrus

Life in the Clouds

Life in the Clouds was brewed to embody the fun and relaxation of a beautiful summer day. Keeping to the tradition of this classic beer style, we used a grist of over 65% malted wheat supplemented by simple pilsner malt to set the stage for the delicious yeast flavors to shine through. Our perfect yeast strain and fermentation temperature gives this beer the classic hefeweizen flavors of banana and hints of clove. Life in the Clouds is nothing but pure bliss. Aroma/Taste: Sweet, Banana, Hints of Clove, Rich Wheat Mouthfeel

Dew Point

Dew Point was brewed to be a crushable and refreshing pale ale for a hot and humid summer day. Dry hopped with Sabro and Enigma hops, this beer explodes with tropical and stone fruit flavors. Aroma/Taste: Massive notes of tropical and stone fruits


This beer was brewed with pilsner malt, oats & wheat and a small amount of british crystal malts to give it a sturdy base for the layers of Australian and New Zealand hops that we layered on top of it. Big notes of Peach, Apricot and Lychee coupled with a citrus finish make this beer perfect for IPA lovers. Aroma/Taste: Peach, Apricot, Lychee, Citrus

Calm Before The Storm

This traditional milk stout went through the cyclone and got turned on its head! With plenty of milk sugar used in the boil and conditioned on loads of cocoas nibs, this beer is a perfect representation of a Chocolate Milk Stout. The calm subtle taste of milk chocolate on top of a delicious base of roasted malts, is reminiscent of dark looming clouds on the horizon.

Storm Tactics

We decided to stay well within bounds of this iconic beer style by crafting this delicious session-able beer. We started with classic ingredients and then added roasted oats to create a slightly smoother body and mouthfeel while adding a beautiful warm toasted and nutty note.

Red Skies At Night

Hibiscus, Ginger and Lemon Peel Saison – 6.5% ABV Red Skies At Night is a classic saison brewed with hibiscus, ginger and lemon peel. The addition of hibiscus flowers give this beer a bold floral nose and flavor while providing enough tannins to balance the body of this beer with a dry finish. Ginger and lemon peel additions during the boil take the place of bittering hops and give this beer an earthy and pithy backbone. Red Skies At Night truly lives up to its name as a delicious delight for all to enjoy! Taste/Aroma: Crisp, Floral, Fruity

New World Pilsner

Pilsner Dry Hopped with Australian Ella Hops – 5.3% ABV We brewed New World Pilsner to be a perfect balance of light malt and grapefruit flavors with a refreshing citrus peel finish that can be enjoyed on any occasion. We kept the grain bill very simple but broke from traditional recipes by adding a small amount of malted wheat to aid with body and mouthfeel. We sourced Australian Ella hops for their unique citrus and floral characteristics to compliment the flavors and aromas of this beer. New World Pilsner finishes slightly more bitter than traditional pilsners, giving your palette a refreshing and delicious experience to remember. Aroma/Taste: Grapefruit, Pithy, Bitter Citrus, Bready

Wit Happened

Belgian Wit – 5.7% ABV Wit Happened… Need we say more? With all the classic ingredients of a traditional Belgian wit, this beer has characters of Coriander and Orange peel with a balanced phenol yeast flavor. All these flavors layer upon a malted wheat backbone for a perfectly balanced and delicious wit.

Pineapple Guava Lassi Uncharted Waters

Reminiscent of the drink Lassi from the Indian sub continent, a chilled yogurt drink infused with fruit and spices, this beer was brewed to push boundaries and sets Jersey Cyclone on course for a new area of uncharted waters. We brewed a simple beer base that we added lactose to and left to sour in our kettle. After fermenting this tasty brew, we added a large amount of delicious pineapple and guava puree. This beer is tart, sweet and packs tons a fruit with a subtle ginger undertone.

Raspberry Chocolate Uncharted Waters

Reminiscent of a tart chocolate raspberry dessert, this beer was brewed to push boundaries and sets Jersey Cyclone on course for a new area of uncharted waters. We brewed a simple beer base that we added lactose to and left to sour in our kettle. After fermentation, we added a large amount of delicious raspberry puree and cacao nibs. This beer is tart yet sweet and raspberry forward with chocolate undertones.
Taste/Aroma – Jammy, Raspberry, Tart & Cocoa

Uncharted Waters Passion Fruit Gose

We took our uncharted base recipe and knocked a few gravity points off of it to bring it down it down to a crushable 4.5%. We kettle soured the wort, skipped the lactose and replaced it with Himalayan pink salt to make a Gose style ale. Conditioned on loads of passion fruit puree, this beer packs a punch while being the perfect thirst quenching on a hot day.

Uncharted Waters Strawberries & Cream

Continuing with our Uncharted Kettle Sour series we decided to up the lactose and vanilla bean make a richer more luxurious beer. Conditioned on loads or strawberry puree and vanilla bean to make beer truly unique.

Uncharted Waters Peaches & Cream

Continuing with our Uncharted Kettle Sour series we decided to up the lactose and vanilla bean make a richer more luxurious beer. Conditioned on loads of blood peach, white peach puree and vanilla bean to make this into a perfect summer beer.

32oz Pre-Filled Crowlers Now Available

Imperial Storm Cloud

IPA – New England 8.3%

Hot and hazy summer days bring dark clouds and strong storms just like our Imperial Storm Cloud. Once again, we used a large portion of flaked oats and wheat in the mash to provide a rich mouth feel. Subtle caramel malts were added to provide balance and sweetness to the massive dry hop additions. We selected a delicious blend of Idaho 7, Amarillo and Australian Ella hop to provide bold tropical and citrus forward flavors of Mango, Tangerine and Passion Fruit.

IPA – New England 8.3%

A Quarter Off Kölsch

Kölsch 5.0%

Sometimes great things in life are just a quarter off!! We’ve taken all the ingredients that make up a classic Kolsch and tossed ‘em into the Cyclone! We used traditional Kolsch yeast, replaced the classic German Pilsner Malt with an American 2-Row malt for slightly more body, and added a balanced dose of Jarrylo and Huell Melon hops for a refreshing light hop profile. It’s a crisp, easy drinking beer that is perfect for every beer lover.

Kölsch 5.0%

Beach Blonde Lager

Lager – Helles 5.0%

An awesome beach day deserves an awesome beer! We used three types of classic German malts and Loral hops to craft this malt forward yet dry beer. With a bready flavor, subtle lager yeast character and cracker dry finish, this beer is a much needed addition to every beach day cooler!

Lager – Helles 5.0%

The Farmer Said Pomegranate

Farmhouse Ale – Other 4.7%

We wait all year for fresh fruits to be ready for harvest. This beer recreates the refreshing feeling on cracking open a fresh pomegranate. With a slight mix of red berry and citrus notes over wheat base beer this beer finishes smooth and is quite easy to drink

Farmhouse Ale – Other 4.7%


Porter – Imperial / Double 9.0%

Just like the October snowstorm that covered the area in deep snow, this big bold porter is layered with multiple dark and crystal malts with a moderate dose of lactose to round out the body. To finish off this bold porter, we added roasted coffee and pounds of vanilla beans to create a Snowtober Storm to be remembered!

Porter – Imperial / Double 9.0%

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We brew on a 5 barrel brewhouse and utilize 10 barrel fermenters to produce our delicious brews. The brew house is heated by electricity to allow us to fine tune and control our brewing process. Our fermentation temperatures are controlled using a custom designed glycol cooling system which keeps our brews fermenting at perfect temperatures, giving us a very unique flavor profile.

About Us

Jan Chwiedosiuk
President & CEO
Brian Teel
Vice President & CFO

A powerful storm inspired the creation of Jersey Cyclone Brewing Company.

August 2011 after Hurricane Irene, Jan was pouring his time & energy into helping his family’s local shop[European Deli Manville,NJ] recover from devastating flooding. At that same time, Brian Teel was dedicated to studying for the CPA exam at his home in Rocky Hill, where flood waters engulfed his backyard. “If we can overcome this, we can persevere through anything” they said. The challenges they both struggled with in the aftermath of the historic storm inspired them to start homebrewing as a fun pastime & experimental hobby.

Using a small stovetop in Brian’s apartment, they began brewing 1 gallon batches of home brew recipes. The two long-time friends quickly found brewing to be a welcome creative outlet as they worked to develop different recipes & variations of their beer. As their friends & family increased their appreciation for hand-crafted brews, so did Jan & Brian’s dreams. Their home brewing system soon evolved into a 2.5 gallon electric brew system, which later grew to a custom-built 15 gallon (.5 barrel) electric brew system.

On June 25, 2015, Jan & Brian decided to make their dream a reality & started down the path to open their brewery.  Much like the aftermath following the storm that inspired their interest in homebrewing, the next four years were filled with detailed planning, back-breaking construction, some unexpected setbacks, & the continual excitement of knowing that their labor would eventually allow their vision to become a reality.

Jersey Cyclone Brewing Company officially opened its doors to the public in May 2019. Co-owners Jan & Brian look forward to sharing their brews with local craft beer enthusiasts for many years to come!

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